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While standard alarm systems are great for providing security at business premises, skyrocketing crime rates and more blatant methods of burglary and theft mean that these are now virtually useless when used on their own. This has resulted in more companies than ever before discovering just how effective it can be to have a CCTV system installed, especially with regards to keeping assets and/or employees secure and safe.

In previous years, most businesses weren’t concerned about having any form of surveillance setup installed because it wasn’t considered as being an essential way of spending money. Back then as well, one of the most common points of dissatisfaction with CCTV systems was that they were simply not able to supply footage that was clear enough for anyone to positively identify culprits in the event of crime taking place. However, updated technology over the past few years has meant that positive identification has now become possible and some of these cameras now have the ability to zoom into areas so that even the tiniest details can be clearly recorded.

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Benefits of Installing Business CCTV Systems

Business owners will be able to take advantage of many benefits when installing a good quality CCTV system, including:

deterring crime with cctv

1. It Works as a Powerful Deterrent against Crime

A business CCTV setup works as an extremely effective deterrent against burglaries because criminals will be less likely to target a property where they know that their movements will be caught on camera and recorded. This is an essential consideration for all business properties nowadays because new camera technology enables even the most out of the way parts of a property to be effectively monitored by high quality cameras.

monitor your business property continuously

2. Enjoy 24/7 Monitoring of your Business Property

If physical security guards are being employed to monitor or guard a business property, there may be occasions where they might not report for duty – causing your property to be at high risk of being vandalized or burgled. However, installing CCTV will ensure that monitoring takes place at all times – without ever requiring a sick day.

help your employees to feel safe

3. Help Employees Feel Safe

Doing everything possible to help staff members feel safe while they are working is just as crucial as providing protection for other parts of your company. Employees should also be classified as business assets because they are provide just as much value to a company when ensuring that operations run effectively. Having a camera system installed and directly connected to a local security company will help staff members enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will receive the help they need in case of emergency.

reduce instances of workplace harassment with security cameras

4. Reduce Instances of Harassment in the Workplace

All types of harassment in the workplace are viewed as serious offences, but just because law prohibits these actions, it doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Installing a high quality CCTV setup with a DVR unit will ensure that all client and staff activities are recorded, so evidence will be able to be supplied in the event of harassment cases arising at any time.

Prevent Virtually all Forms of Theft

All types of businesses lose thousands of pounds annually due to theft being committed by employees and customers. Sometimes, theft rates escalate so much that they can cause total financial ruin for smaller businesses, resulting in them having to declare bankruptcy. Statistics have confirmed that more than 30% of companies that have had to declare bankruptcy have had to do so due to staff-related theft.

Installing CCTV cameras at the most strategic locations in and around your company premises will help ensure that staff members’ activities are monitored and customers are being watched as well. For instance, installing a high quality camera by each pay point can allow a business owner to verify all transactions that are taking place. When staff members know that their activities are being scrutinized, there will be far less of a chance of them trying to steal – and the same principle applies to customers as well.

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Features to Look for in a Business CCTV System

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Reputable Business Surveillance Devices

These days, there is a wide range of top quality security products available for business owners in every industry, from basic network video camera units up to complete security monitoring systems with inclusive contracts. Listed below are just a few of the more popular products and solutions that are available to business owners who are keen on securing their assets. Keep in mind though, that it is strongly recommended that you obtain professional advice so that the best solution can be found for your situation – DIY products may not always be able to provide you with the level of security you need.

What will it Cost to Install Business CCTV in the South West?

In many cases, business owners or managers who are looking for a “CCTV installer near me,” think that all companies that are listed will supply the same quality customer service and products. This means that many of them end up trying to get these products and services at the cheapest possible prices. A lot of times, they will also become frustrated because most companies will not be able to provide them with accurate pricing over the phone for these units.

Before a CCTV installation specialist is able to provide an estimate of what a particular system is going to cost, the entire property will need to be thoroughly assessed – indoors and outside. This is essential for them to determine what the client’s needs are and the types of products that will serve them most effectively. For example, are infrared cameras a requirement? Must any cameras be focused in such a way that they can obtain a view of members of the public outside a property, or will they only have to be used indoors to provide monitoring for employees?

cost of business cctv installation services

Another factor that will determine the amount of time needed to install a CCTV setup is the size of a business property. Larger properties will by default require additional cameras and wiring, meaning that installations will take longer. All of this will have a direct effect on the cost of installing these systems.

If any extra cables, monitors, DVR devices or power supply points are needed for wired camera setups, this will also result in an increase in the cost of installation.

One of the other factors that will determine the cost of business CCTV systems is whether a wireless or wired setup is being quoted on for installation.

Property owners tend to make the mistake of thinking that it will be cheaper to have a wireless CCTV system installed. This may be true to an extent where labour expenses are concerned, because fewer runs of wiring will be needed. In most instances, the only wiring that will be used in a wireless system will be between the screens or a monitor being used to view what is happening and the DVR unit activity is being recorded on. However, it’s important to keep in mind that wireless cameras are normally costlier than standard wired units.

If you are interesting in finding out more about how CCTV systems operate and the benefits they can provide for your business, we have a number of qualified and pre-screened technicians available to provide you with the assistance and information you require. They will also be the right people to provide you with a property assessment and recommendations regarding the most effective surveillance products to use.

Contacting our accredited CCTV technicians is as convenient as filling in our website contact form. All you have to do is provide some basic contact information and we will ensure that up to four of our registered installation specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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