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Until a few years ago, property owners would not have even considered security-related products such as CCTV systems because it would have been considered as an ‘over the top’ purchase. However, soaring crime rates have resulted in it becoming necessary to install monitored CCTV systems in several parts of the country.

Most homeowners are still under the impression that a CCTV system will consist of a cheap, small black and white monitor and a few randomly placed cameras around the outside of their properties to give them a blurred idea of what happens when they are away. However, the quality of new CCTV systems has far surpassed their counterparts from a decade or so ago, meaning that it is now possible for many of them to provide homeowners with footage that is clear enough to positively identify an intruder.

best quality home cctv installations

Highest Quality CCTV Systems on the Market

Moving along a decade or two and the overall quality of CCTV systems has become better than ever. These days, many of the entry-level camera system have the ability to provide homeowners with images that are clear enough to be saved on to a DVR device for future viewing if required.

The times when home CCTV systems only had the ability to capture and record what was happening directly in front of their lenses are long gone. Nowadays, there are PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras that will not only record what is right in front of their lenses; they have been designed to swivel, tilt and zoom to the point where they can capture and record up to 360° around them, ensuring that crucial footage is not lost.

Choosing between Wireless or Wired CCTV Units

One of the main factors that will affect the cost of a home CCTV system is whether you choose to use a wireless or wired system.

Wireless systems will usually cost a fair amount more than wired units. However, keep in mind that what you save on labour costs with a wireless CCTV system will usually be spent on the units themselves instead and wiring will still have to be installed between each camera and in some instances, from each camera back to the DVR unit as well. If an IP camera system is being installed, wiring will also be needed to connect these units to a dedicated network switch as well.

Most homeowners are under the impression that wireless CCTV systems will be completely wireless. Unfortunately, this is not true. Although the actual cameras are wireless, wiring will still be needed to link them with the DVR unit and any screens or monitors where activity is going to be viewed.

Although the cost for labour will be less when having a wireless CCTV system installed, it’s important to remember that the cost of these cameras will normally be higher than that of the standard wired cameras.

choosing wireless or wired cctv cameras

Advantages of having Home CCTV Installed

monitor outdoor space

1. Monitor the Outside of your Home from Indoors

Experienced CCTV technicians know how to position these units so that blind spots around the outside of your home will be able to be seen from inside. This prevents you from having to go outside if you hear unusual noises – only to come face to face with an intruder. Many CCTV systems now have infrared options as well, allowing you to view crisp and clear outdoor footage at any time of the day or night.

discounted home insurance policies

2. Obtain Discount on Insurance

Saving money each month might not be your main reason for having a CCTV system installed, but you could find that your home insurance provider will be willing to provide discounted premiums once it is up and running. This is especially true if your system is set up to record footage and save it to a dedicated DVR unit.

positive intruder identification

3. Provide Positive Identification of Intruders

After CCTV has been installed, it doesn’t only have to be used in a preventative manner in and around your property; it also has the ability to provide coverage of the immediate area around your property. Should an incident occur within the viewing area of your system, you might be able to provide the relevant authorities with this footage so that they can use it to positively identify anyone who was involved.

visible cctv cameras can help prevent crime

4. It can Prevent Crime Occurring in the First Place

Once your new CCTV system is operational, you will find that it acts as a significant deterrent for most types of criminal elements – especially in cases of premeditated criminal activities. As a result, you will notice that your property is far less likely to become a target for criminal activity than one where no security measures have been put in place.

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Only Use Reputable Installers

While in the process of looking for “CCTV installation near me,” most property owners will look for the cheapest quotes and products they can find. This not only results in a poor quality product being installed; it will normally also mean that a non-experienced, non-qualified person or company performs the installation.

We have a number of installers who are experienced and fully qualified. As a result, they will be able to provide the best possible level of client service, while also installing the most up-to-date products. All installers used by us have also been fully pre-screened to confirm that they comply with all current industry regulations and standards. This ensures that you will be able to not only look forward to a professional installation; the required aftersales service will also be provided.

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Doorbell Video Cameras

These are additional security devices that have hit the market in the past few years and they are able to provide increased levels of safety and security to residents in and around the South West. Although there are several different models available now, one of the most popular options is the Ring Video Doorbell unit.

This unit works in conjunction with Alexa devices and it provides you with real-time video footage, which enables you to see, hear and communicate with anyone who comes to your door. It also has motion-activated sensor units and is able to work in low-light conditions because of its infrared sensors. The installers in our accredited network will be able to provide you with additional information regarding these units.

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Home CCTV Features To Consider

Most Popular CCTV and Home Alarm Setups

Although DIY home alarm systems and security devices have gained popularity over the past few years, these may not always be able to provide you with as high a level of security as those that are professionally installed. As a result, we strongly suggest chatting with our accredited security experts before making any purchases in this regard.

What will it Cost to Install a Home CCTV System?

The cost of installing a home CCTV setup will depend on the quality and type of cameras you choose, the DVR units being used and the amount of cabling that will need to be installed to get the entire system up and running.

If want to learn more about having home CCTV installed or you would like to obtain quotes from one or more accredited CCTV installers in the South West, simply fill in our convenient contact form. After receiving your information, you will be put in touch with as many as four pre-screened, accredited and qualified technicians – all of who will be able to provide answers to any questions you have regarding these systems.

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